About Worldaware

Worldaware no longer exists as a separate charity. It ceased trading and all of its obligations were met at liquidation in March 2005. The Worldaware brand, website and intellectual property belonging to the charity Worldaware (excepting Global Eye) have been transferred to SOS Children to use to continue promotion of awareness of the developing world. The history of Worldaware can be downloaded as a pdf file here: (see: Download pdf of Worldaware history )

SOS Children is best known as the world's largest charity for orphaned children, with a clear vision to try to ensure that every child grows up in a loving family. SOS Children takes on children right through to independence and where there are no adequate schools in places we operate (which are generally places where there is a high rate of family breakdown, street children, or orphans) we set schools up open to everyone locally. In consequence is also a large education charity running hundreds of charity schools across the developing world SOS Children also runs projects for former child soldiers, preventing street children and as a charity with a well established network is often first on the scene in Emergency Relief. In disaster situations we are generally the charity which ends up looking after the orphaned and separated children. We also raise funds through a special child of child sponsorship and have a website comparing child sponsorship, through different NGOs.

The Royal Geographical Society with IBG has taken over the ownership and the future development of Global Eye, which used to be published by Worldaware - please see Global Eye for updated sections and more details.