Worldaware Business Awards 1999

The Rt Hon Richard Caborn MP, Minister for Trade, presented the award trophies to the winners at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on 19th January 2000.

The 1999 entries for each of the six awards were first considered by a panel of assessors with specialist knowledge and experience, who took references from independent referees and produced a short-list. The short-lists were then submitted to the distinguished group of judges listed below, who made the final decisions on the winners.

The award trophies were designed by the leading industrial designer, Kenneth Grange.

The Rio Tinto Award for Long-term Commitment

Shell Pakistan Ltd - a hundred years of service

Short-listed: Teddy Exports

The GIBB Award for Sustainable Development

ITC Zeneca Ltd - productive seeds for India's poor farmers

Short-listed: Teddy Exports

The Shell Technology for Development Award

Ranger Production Co - an adaptable sidecar for rural roads

Short-listed: Glaxo Wellcome plc; Hunting Technical Services

The Crown Agents Award for Small Businesses

Teddy Exports - model factory for Tirumangalam

Short-listed: One Village

The Worldaware Award for Financial Innovation

SafeSave Co-operative Ltd - Bangladesh: banking for the very poor

The Worldaware Award for Not-for-Profit Organisations

Traidcraft Exchange - fighting poverty through trade

Short-listed: Bees for Development

The Judges