Awards 1995 Worldaware Award for Effective Communication

Worldaware Award for Effective Communication

British Petroleum Company Plc

People from all over the world who are active in local community affairs on behalf of BP came together in June 1994 for the first time. One result is the international report 'BP in the community', which offers a coherent account of what they are all doing.

It sets out their aims: earning local trust and understanding; fulfilling local expectations; encouraging employees to help local communities; helping to improve local economies. It stresses health, safety and environment, community development and backing for education. It features BP's Colombia programme.

The Prince of Wales says in a letter: "I hope this report will help to show something of the encouraging results which can be quickly achieved once business leaders come to understand the contribution they can make to the improvement of their communities, and of the world at large. BP's chairman contributes a foreword headed: 'A global corporate citizen'.

Education in the report includes promoting English-teaching in Vietnam, English and business teaching in Azerbaijan, and science in 500 schools in south-east Asia. Under environment, the report mentions recycling initiatives in Singapore, efforts to shield nesting turtles from two Malaysian chemical plants, and the supply of a million safety caps for paraffin bottles in South Africa (where many children die from drinking paraffin).

BP has helped fund archaeological digs on New Stone Age sites, extending Abu Dhabi's knowledge of its history by 7,000 years. BP is a sponsor of South African TV's health series, Soul City. In Papua New Guinea, BP staff work with villagers in their spare time and an agricultural officer encourages pig rearing and vegetable-growing.

In Vietnam, BP has put nearly 500,000 into a Save the Children Fund programme to combat malnutrition. An SCF team found that mothers of well-nourished children fed them crabs and shrimps from the rice paddies, and the team encouraged other mothers to do the same.