Worldaware Business Awards 2000

For the first time since the Worldaware Business Awards began in 1989, entries have been accepted from Commonwealth-based companies and organisations. It has been encouraging to see the commitment and expertise shown in entries originating from the Commonwealth.

To mark this expansion of the awards, the Rt Hon Donald C. McKinnon, Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, presented the award trophies to the winners at the Royal Institution of Great Britain on 22nd January 2001.

The Rio Tinto Award for Long-term Commitment

Winner: ICICI Ltd - promoting education and voluntary organisations

Short-listed: British Airways Plc - help for children and the environment

The Worldaware Award for Innovation

Roke Manor Research Ltd - self powered mine detector

The Shell Award for Sustainable Development

Richards Bay Minerals - schools and jobs for Mbonambi

Short-listed: Thames Water Plc - piped water for poor Jakarta people

Tropical Cable and Conductor Ltd - cables to electrify Ghana

Commended: Alain Rouveure Galleries - selling traditional Tibetan rugs

The News International Not-for-profit Award (plus 1,000)

FARM-Africa - affordable animal health for Kenyan farmers

Short-listed: International Resources for Fairer Trade - better deal for producers

Commended: Shrimati Pushpa Wati Loomba Memorial Trust - helping widows

The Crown Agents Foundation Award for Small Businesses

Ceramica Tamakloe Ltd - Ghanaian pottery exporter

Commended: Alain Rouveure Galleries - selling traditional Tibetan rugs

The Judges