Curriculum Economics and business education

Economics and business education

The Learning across the National Curriculum 'white pages' of the National Curriculum (England) documents contain very illuminating statements about the whole school curriculum, for example,

"Enterprise can be associated with a set of attributes, skills and attitudes that enable people to create and thrive on change. Enterprise education enables pupils to develop confidence, self-reliance and willingness to embrace change. Through participation in mini-enterprises pupil can practise risk management, learning from mistakes and being innovative."

Handbook for secondary teachers, (DfEE/QCA) page 24. Handbook for primary teachers, (DfEE/QCA) page 22.

World trade and global citizenship

Worldaware is running a project which includes a conference and stakeholders' workshops for 16-19 year olds on 'world trade and global citizenship'. It is intended to publish specially prepared learning resources for key skills development and economics and business education. See the further information or email to register your interest.

Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited

A portrait of a tea company. This Worldaware publication looks at this long established tea producer and explains how and why Duncan Brothers have diversified into rubber production, water bottling, insurance and leasing. A useful case-study, showing development in action. Includes a pack of 15 mapcards.
Order code PA-105 18.50.

Just Business

A useful website at provides information and activities about global and ethical issues for students and teachers of Business Studies and Economics.