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An environmental website for schools and colleges

A new website, devoted to the inter-related issues of Population, Poverty, Consumption, Health and the Environment goes online on September 26th.

Developed by the charity, Planet 21, from its popular magazine, People and the Planet, this site should be of special interest to Geography, Environmental Studies and Social Studies students in British schools and colleges.

When complete, the website will include 14 themed topics, ranging from population and human development, People and Water; People and Forests; People and Food; People, coasts and oceans; to People and Mountains; People and Wildlife; People and Pollution; People and Eco-tourism; and People and the Greening of Industry.

Each of these topics will include an overview, Facts and Figures, Features, News Stories, Book and Film Reviews, Weblinks and a glossary.

Jointly sponsored by WWF, IUCN, IPPF, UNFPA and the Swedish Government, this new, brilliantly illustrated website can now be accessed at