Curriculum Resolving Conflict Fairly Resolving conflict fairly 3

Resolving conflict fairly 3

The Business of Peace - The private sector as a partner in conflict prevention and resolution

By Jane Nelson (2000): Published by International Alert, Council on Economic Priorities, The Prince of Wales Business Forum. ISBN 1 899159 59 2

"The private sector - ranging from large multinationals to informal micro-enterprises - has a vital role to play in creating wealth and promoting socio-economic development. It also has a role in contributing - both directly and indirectly - to the prevention and resolution of violent conflict. There is growing evidence that as market economies become more widespread and as business becomes a more central actor in societies around the world, the importance of this role is increasing."

(page 5)

On page 28 there is a useful summary diagram of strategies for corporate responsibility covering stages through compliance, risk minimisation and value creation.

Drawing on examples from over 30 countries and from a variety of industry sectors, this report concludes with messages under these headings:

  1. The business imperative for action
  2. Strategies for individual corporate action
  3. The importance of partnership
  4. The need for leadership.