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These two questions appear central to a unit of work for 11 to 13 year olds published by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

Worldaware provides a wealth of support for "debating a global issue" and this includes the pupils' publication called Rainforests for Tomorrow (code B-572).

In addition to the teachers' support below, there are four linked pupils' pages sub-dividing the activity. They are as follows:

(Reference: QCA (2001) Scheme of Work for Citizenship at key stage 3. Draft Unit 10: Debating a global issue)

Debating a global issue



Is the Amazon rainforest being developed or destroyed?

For the global context of this debate, use the booklet Rainforests for Tomorrow.

Look at the map of 'Rainforests around the world' (pages 2 and 3) and read about the 'Climate and vegetation' (pages 4 and 5).

In a group you will represent a set of people affected by the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest:

Each group should work together to prepare a 10-minute presentation, which will be made to the rest of the class in a mock public meeting. You should allocate tasks among members of the group, and work together to coordinate your efforts throughout this preparation stage.

Research 'your' viewpoint using the book 'Rainforests for Tomorrow' and specific websites. On these you may find further links or you may search for other relevant sites.

Read 'Peoples of the rainforest' (pages 6 and 7) and 'Threats to the rainforest' (pages 8 and 9)


Is the Amazon rainforest being developed or destroyed?

The classroom will be set up as a public meeting room, with four clear areas for the groups. Each group should sit in their own area in front of the display they have created.

Each group then makes a 10-minute presentation to the rest of the class.

After the presentations, hold a class debate on the motion 'Is the Amazon rainforest being developed or destroyed?' Remain in role while taking part in the debate.

At the close of the debate you will vote on the motion, in character.

How can the Amazon rainforest be developed in a sustainable way?

Read 'The Way Forward' (pages 10 to 13).

Read 'What Can I Do?' (pages 14 and 15)