Projects St Lucia Vincent Bunce Memorial Resource Centre

Vincent Bunce Memorial Resource Centre

The Trustees and Vincent's family would like to thank everyone who contributed so generously to set up a 3,000 fund to commemorate the life and work of Vincent Bunce.

In accordance with Vincent's interests and concerns the Trustees decided to use the fund to help primary education in St Lucia. To this end, the Vincent Bunce Memorial Resource Centre has been established in the Anglican Infant School in Castries. It is paying for books, teacher resources, equipment, and most importantly, the school's first computer system with internet access.

In a recent message, the Principal said:

"Words cannot express our profound gratitude... suffice it to say that we cannot ever forget such a gesture."

Also, some news which will delight Vincent's many friends. Vincent's widow Karen gave birth to his daughter Genevieve on Christmas Day, 2000. Mother and daughter are in great form and Genevieve is growing fast. (This note from Wendy Morgan also appeared in GA News, April 2001.)