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Tocuaro - a Mexican Village

Tocuaro, a Mexican village

Tocuaro provides an excellent example of a contrasting locality overseas, which can be studied for both key stage one and two. Tocuaro - A Mexican Village is recommended by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (Unit 22) as a locality study, and offers the opportunity to structure such a study in a variety of ways. With planning, real progression in understanding about distant places can be achieved.

The Horta Family

Tocuaro is explored through the eyes of Angelica Horta and her family who live in Tocuaro. The resources cover all aspects of the family's life, Tocuaro, and the surrounding area, through a variety of stimulating materials.

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Central to Tocuaro - A Mexican Village resources are the key concepts of the Global Dimension to the National Curriculum. These are as follows:

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