Projects Tocuaro Tocuaro Key Stage 2

Tocuaro Key Stage 2

For KS 2 there is the self-contained 36-page colour book. This has six detailed sections about Tocuaro, the Horta family, and links and issues with the wider world. The book adopts an enquiry-based approach with key questions and varied pupil activities on every double spread. These activities build on many aspects of the curriculum including literacy, numeracy, and map skills, using a variety of resources.

The materials present youngsters with a full and balanced picture of life in Tocuaro, as seen through the eyes of three generations of the Horta family.

Activities include: Where is Mexico and Tocuaro?, Living in Tocuaro, Our village, Tocuaro's history, The Horta Family, The family home, What food is eaten?, What clothes are worn?, At school in Tocuaro, Religion and festivals, Tocuaro and its region, Links with local places, Changing landscapes, Volcanic landscape - Paricutin, Links with the wider world, Tocuaro in Mexico, and Tocuaro - the future.

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CD-ROM and Activity Pack

Also for KS2, there is the Tocuaro - A Mexican Village CD-ROM and Activity Pack, which provides an effective complement to the colour book, through an interactive exploration of the village and a wealth of information on the country as a whole. The activity pack contains 10 photocopiable worksheets and additional information sheets for teachers. These worksheets cover many aspects including literacy, numeracy and map skills.

Activities include: A walk around Tocuaro, The Horta family tree, Paricutin: A Mexican Volcano, How well do you know Mexico?, Mexican Food, Mexico's most famous fruit: the Avocado, A Mexican timeline, A journey around Lake Patzcuaro, What is it like being a Monarch Butterfly?, and What is Tocuaro's temperature like?

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In addition, one map is available to download