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Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues

4th march 2004, Croydon College, CR9 1DX

The project consists of conferences specifically designed to allow Year 12 and college students to explore a range of globalisation issues. A feature is the wide range of workshop leaders providing different perspectives including the role of the private sector in developing countries.

Key themes:


The conference Constructive dialogue in globalisation issues provides a unique opportunity for students to hear first hand from a range of companies operating in the developing world and to share views and experience with other delegates representing, government, the media and NGOs.

The following extracts are from the respective subject criteria for GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and Advanced (A) Level Specifications published by ACCA, CCEA and QCA in 2000.


...develop an understanding of the interrelationships between people and their environments, and of the opportunities, challenges and constraints that face people in different places and environments ...


...Structure and essential determinants of international transactions Students should understand:

Business Education

3.6 Critical understanding. Students should acquire a critical understanding of businesses and the environment within which they work and be able to evaluate material and information as presented in a range of formats so as to distinguish between fact and opinion in order to make informed judgements.

Delegates at July 2003 conference

The day will begin and end with a plenary session but the majority of the day will be spent in practical workshops run by a variety of commercial and non-commercial organisations. Each workshop will consist of up to 15 people ten of whom will be students. The workshops will follow the format of short introduction/presentation (10 mins), question and answer session (10 mins), task (20 mins). It is intended that each group will appoint a rapporteur to report back at the plenary session and that conclusions from the day will be collated and circulated amongst participants.

Previous Conferences

December 2003

July 2003



There are now two supporting papers 'Globalisation: compendium of views' prepared for the conferences which can be downloaded in rich text format. These provide extensive print and web site references.

A selection of Globalisation workshop papers and supporting links is available.

This project has received partnership funding from British Airways, BP, J Sainsbury, The Worshipful Company of World Traders and the Department for International Development.