Projects Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues March 2004: Workshops

Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues

4th march 2004: Croydon College


"I loved every meeting, we should have this more often"

Adwoa Agyeiwah Nsiah


This session allowed the delegates to record their views on a series of statements relating to globalisation. This session was unfortunately cut short through a fire alarm, and so there was not the opportunity as hoped to discuss the issues more fully from the day. Download delegates' views in Word format.


100 students from Croydon College and Norbury Manor Girls School took part on the day.

Learning outcomes

"The conference was very informative"

Alia Jamal

The delegates were students of Economics, Business Studies, Politics and Sociology studying at A2 and A level. The topics and issues raised were very important to these subjects and enabled balanced dialogue between different interest areas of interest. Thinking skills and critical thinking were employed as development was made during the day.

Support and thanks

A number of people contributed to the success of the day. The day was jointly organised by Chris Rowell, Croydon College and Catherine Stocker, Worldaware. Thanks go to the workshop leaders, and Tim Cullen. The other staffs at Croydon College also need to be thanked for their help in the preparation. Other assistance and support was given by Worldaware staff; Hafsa Bireke, Bob Ely, Karen Norris and Angus Willson.