Projects Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues March 2004: Presentation

Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues

4th march 2004: Croydon College

"It was nice to exchange information"

Farid Fakoor

Tim Cullen, Tim Cullen Associates

As an introduction to the conference, Tim outlined both advantages and disadvantages to globalisation. He started by saying that it was not a recent development, but had been around for a long time. He gave examples where opening to foreign trade had increased GDP in countries. Also outlined were areas of trade and globalisation that were not fair or balanced towards developing countries, such as trade rules including subsidies, exploitation of workers and corruption. An overview of the main international organisations and there roles in globalisation and trade was given. Finally, Tim encouraged the delegates to use the day to explore the many different sides and arguments for globalisation.

Download a copy of Tim Cullen's speech.