Projects Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues 5th December 2003: Minister

Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues

5th December 2003, York House, Twickenham, TW1 3AA

Presentation to the conference

'Jenny Tonge was very informative'

Tom Jenkins

Dr Jenny Tonge MP, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Richmond Park.

Dr Jenny Tonge MP spoke about the significance of globalisation and interdependence in todays world. She demonstrated this through her own examples, including people living in southern Sudan able to watch the Queen Mothers funeral on television. Fairness of distribution and wealth was raised in related to this.

The students attentions were turned towards the issue of subsidies. Examples of subsidies being one sided, and related to other factors including politics were discussed, as well as the Common Agricultural Policy. The steel dispute between the USA and the UK was also raised.

Multinational companies and their trading practices were an important discussion topic. Treatment and support of workers in country was important to the discussion, with De Beers treatment and support of its HIV positive miners in Botswana seen as an important step and model for other companies.

The students had the opportunity to ask questions about Dr. Tonges comments and brought together what they had learnt from the morning conference.