Projects Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues 1st July 2003: Workshops

Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues

1st July, London Metropolitan University, Moorgate EC2N 6SQ

Workshop Leaders

Workshop Sessions

"Each workshop gave out challenging ideas"

Jonathan Small, Kingston Grammar School


The workshops enabled delegates to engage and actively explore issues with leaders from business, public and voluntary sectors. This opportunity to have direct contact with such representatives is not common, and feedback has shown that the delegates appreciated this opportunity to have such close contact.

Each delegate attended three workshops out of the themes above with a mixed group of students from different schools. Within the workshops, time was given to explore a range of different issues and points of view on the theme. This allowed the delegates to consider a wide range of information. Whilst each workshop was unique, in all workshops the issue was introduced and task set to be completed by the group.