Projects Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues March 2004: Workshops

Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues

4th march 2004: Croydon College

Workshop Leaders

Dave Richards

Workshop sessions

"The workshops were greater than my expectations"

Isha S Gabriel

'How PC is your PC?' simulated a computer parts factory for IBM. Through the workshops the delegates were able to experience day-to-day situations of working in the factory and learn about the unfair working conditions.

Beverly Mirando

'Is there such a thing as an ethical shopper?' addressed the work done by M&S to improve standards across the world and highlighting community work. It emerged that shoppers would be more likely to be 'ethical' if they had information about product sourcing.

'CSR and baby milk marketing' enabled the delegates to make decisions and give advice on baby milk as part of the producers, health workers or mothers. Issues of marketing and appropriate advice came out of the discussions.

'Riggin' the system: the WTO, big business and you' gave the delegates an insight to the practices and working of the WTO and large businesses, through a series of trade round questions.

'Globalisation: Good or ill?' encouraged the delegates to look at globalisation from different viewpoints. Advantages and disadvantages of globalisation for these different people were actively explored.