Projects Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues 5th December 2003: Workshops

Constructive Dialogue on Globalisation Issues

5th December 2003, York House, Twickenham, TW1 3AA

Workshop Leaders

Workshop Sessions

'I learnt a lot of information I didn't know before'

Nicola Sanderson

Each workshop allowed the delegates to explore various, and often opposing, views of globalisation and trade.

Globalisation Issues discussed benefits and disadvantages of globalisation. Cultural imperialism, agricultural subsidies, company behaviour in country, and the role of the WTO were all raised, with the view that globalisation is a fact, but must be monitored.

Trade Rules are Nuts! explored unfair trade rules through a video focused on the trade of nuts. The examples of Senegal and Mozambique were shown, demonstrating the impact of closed trade barriers and unfair subsidies.

Actively exploring the benefits and complexities of fair trade used a fairtrade board game to demonstrate the impact of fairtrade on farmers. The complexities of trade were discussed, along with statements regarding food and trade.

Export credit agencies: What should their role be? dealt with an area of trade that many delegates had not encountered before. The role of the export credit agencies was explored with discussion about right and wrong practice, how this is determined and future roles.

Many sector involvement allowed delegates to consider quotes from different economic sectors about globalisation, and decide who had said what. There were some interesting answers and it became apparent that attitudes can be surprising.