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Whose right to water

Whose right to water?

This project has produced learning resources for geography and citizenship and education for sustainable development. The booklet examines global water issue including rights to water and health concerns related to water. Current issues of water management and sustainable development are explored with connections made between local and global perspectives. 'Whose right to water?' is highly visual and contains learning activities for 11-14 year olds.

Available from Worldaware Code B-203 3.00 each, Code B-204, 30.00 for fifteen copies. Purchase online here.

Schools in the Thames Water region can order copies without charge by specifying their postcode through the catalogue at

Please select the sections below for further materials to download and suggestions for related activities:

There are also pages for:
Glossary of terms used in the booklet
further reading and other useful websites.

The project has been made possible by Thames Water/RWE Group. It forms part of an educational programme called Water in Schools. See further details at