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The global picture

Question 2 may be made more accessible for some groups through the use of a table and sort cards. Download these in MS Word format. The table and sort cards can be photocopied for each pupil to use, meaning that each pupil can have their own copy and allowing more time for discussion. As few or as many of those suggested reasons can be used to suit the ability of the group. If time allows, the pupils can continue to suggest their own reasons.

Question 5 can be more structured if necessary through the use of a writing frame. Download this here.

As an extension activity download an Excel spreadsheet of data on the use of freshwater in selected countries.

Making global links

For use with question 1, a photocopiable template of the hexagon with labels and one example link is available to download.

Further possible links and explanations to cut and paste onto the hexagon can be downloaded in MS Word format, here. This gives an idea of the links possible, enabling pupils to continue to make their own suggestions.