Projects Water Resources


In order to develop ideas and issues raised by 'Whose Right to Water?', the following resources may be of interest.

'Clean Water: A Right For All' (UNICEF 1995) examines the supply of water across the world, water pollution and disasters, access to clean water, its importance for health, and sanitation. Includes photographs, activities, ideas for science experience and photocopiable worksheets. Item code B-459, 11.50, available from Worldaware.

Save the Children's 'Fair shares for all' pages have several teaching resources about water and sustainable development. It includes some excellent personal stories and a world map of Access to safe water (which space didn't allow us to include in Whose right to water?)

The World Water Development Report from UNESCO is available on line as part of the World Water Assessment Programme, at This provides a summary of the report to assess the state of the worlds water resources. From this site there are many useful links to areas of related interest.

The WHO report, Water for Health is available to download at The report addresses the issue of water and the impact of health, and includes many suggestions on what can be done to help the situation.

Understanding Global Issues have produced an informative booklet on water, The Water Crisis: A Matter of Life and Death (2001) that is available to buy (2.95) at This covers nine topics about water in detail, addressing the nature and scale of the global water crisis, including maps, and diagrams.