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World poverty: Responding to the challenge

This contains case studies of World Bank programmes on rebuilding Nicaragua after Hurricane Mitch, educating girls in Bangladesh and reducing Third World Debt.

A booklet has been distributed to schools in the United Kingdom with the Autumn 2000 issue of the Global Eye magazine and it is also available here.

It has been compiled and published by Worldaware for the World Bank Group and it provides an effective way of illustrating the role of this major international institution.

The Teacher's notes with learning activities to accompany World Poverty: Responding to the Challenge, are available to download, print and photocopy from a portable document file (PDF 128kb) here. They also appear on this page below with links to the activities in html format.

The full document of World Poverty: Responding to the Challenge is also available here (PDF 3,061kb) is also available here. This is a large file and will take some time to download.

The teacher's notes also include a special offer on the World Development Indicators and the World Bank Atlas 2000.

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Teachers' notes and activities (will open in a new window in a printable format)

The aim of reducing global poverty brings together the interface of governments and international institutions; private sector business and industry; civil society and non-governmental organisations. Underpinning the players in this super-aim is our own individual decision-making and democratic participation. We have a responsibility to be informed about the issues, to make sense of the complexity and alternative perspectives, in order to become active citizens.

The booklet has been prepared with a view to being used in its entirety but with emphasis on the different sections according to the age groups progressing from years 9-11 to 12 and 13.

Rebuilding after Hurricane Mitch

Global Express, published by Development Education Project, Manchester, has an issue on Hurricane Mitch available at This has links to other sites.

More background information is provided on the impact and aftermath of Hurricane Mitch at

Educating girls in Bangladesh

Reducing Third World debt

The BBC documentary referred to on the activity sheet was called "Earth Report III - In the balance". The quotations have been arranged so you have the option of separating them from the source.

Also check the World Bank Group site at

General resources

The Bank, the President and the Pearl of Africa (an IBT production for Channel 4) is two fly-on-the-wall documentaries first shown on Channel 4 in August 1998. It follows the negotiations between the World Bank and the Ugandan government on debt relief, exploring the relationship between donors and indebted countries. The accompanying booklet explains the origins of the World Bank and how it works, using Uganda as a case study. Suitable for years 12 and 13. Two 50 minute videos, 24pp booklet, teachers' notes 30.00 plus 3.95 p&p available from Oxfam Education. Tel: 01865 311311

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