Publications Samples

Sample Publications

The Resources Catalogue describes the physical contents of the publications, and sometimes a picture of the cover, but this section shows some sample pages to convey the layout and style.

Rainforests for Tomorrow - pages 12 and 13

This Worldaware publication uses large maps and photographs. The use of lively colours, stunning images and large font-size makes it a very accessible learning resource. It is priced to permit purchase of a class-set. (England, key stage 3, 'the characteristics and distribution of one major biome')

Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited - page 7

The second unit is called 'Tea and Bangladesh:the context' and provides a useful case study of a commodity and its role in the economy of a developing country. This is particularly useful for 11 to 13 year olds (National Curriculum key stage 3, England). The task on the following page requires reading the information given, matching the titles to the diagram and numbering them.