Curriculum Sustainable development Useful websites for students

Useful websites - for students
Worldaware's award-winning website on global issues. Two separate sites, for primary and secondary schools, offer interactive pages for pupils.
A website geared towards primary schools to explore the social and environmental impacts of lifestyle choices, and how to take steps towards a more sustainable future. is a first in a series of interactive websites which deals with issues of sustainable waste management. is the umbrella site with planned sites on water, energy, air and biodiversity currently being developed. provides ideas for action and class activities on litter, waste, energy, water, transport and the school grounds. The site includes a 'kids' zone' page with games. and includes the 'Go Wild' kids page with information on a range of environmental issues and 'what you can do' and a new interactive site, 'Primary Internet Investigator'. Young people can take part in an on-line debate on what should happen at Earth Summit II. The debate begins on May 31 and you can register on the 'Our World' website at:
The UK charity, Global Action Plan, with ideas for action in school.
A site for teachers of Business Studies and Economics, including the excellent 'timber' game (for 10-13 year olds), the 'debt' game and the 'tourism' game (two versions for 9-11 year olds and 12+ year olds). and
Two sites developed by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs department.
The Globe Programme, an international environmental education project involving 90 countries. Data is collected from schools and collated in the USA. The teachers' page has suggestions for activities and downloadable worksheets.
Christian Aid's user-friendly site with games and teaching ideas on global issues. includes interactive books with environmental themes, and a page for younger children to write in their ideas and questions. is a very attractive, interactive site funded by Yorkshire Water (UK).