Primary Resources Catalogue 2004 - B

Bangalore: life and change in an Indian City

Bangalore: life and change in an Indian City

A companion pack to Chembakolli providing an urban contrast and a worthwhile locality study in its’ own right. Pupils explore what it is like to live in Bangalore, the diversity of the city, and its links with the wider world. By following the lives of people living in Flower Gardens, one area of Bangalore, the pack also reveals how local communities have achieved change to improve their lives.
PA-172: £20.00: ActionAid: 2002

Bangladesh (Country Fact File)

A well-illustrated book with sections on population; food and farming; and trade and industry. Hardbound.
B-109: £11.00: Macdonald Young Books: 1999

Bangladesh (slide set)

Thirty-six slides portraying urban and rural life in Bangladesh. Includes a brief commentary for teachers and suggestions for classroom use.
S-76: £10.00: Worldaware: 1996

Benin, an African kingdom

The history of Benin, Nigeria, and life in the city today, explored through four different themes: people and environments, city and village life, court life and government, trade and markets. Includes twenty-four A4-size colour photographs, a poster, map and timeline.
PA-138: £19.75: Channel 4 Schools: 1994

Benin, an African kingdom: the storybook

Following the oral tradition of Benin in Africa, four folk-tales are re-told with colourful illustrations, providing a vivid view of the history and culture of this ancient civilisation.
B-124: £4.50: Channel 4 Schools: 1994

Big City Pack

Written to help children appreciate that cities in economically developing countries have many things in common with their own. Twenty different photos taken in Dakar, Phnom Penh, Santiago and Glasgow, focus on shopping, transport, leisure, change and development.
PA-120: £14.50: Oxfam: 1994

Brazil (Worldfocus)

Describes the geography, politics, industry, religion and culture of Brazil. Case studies show how people spend their time, the jobs they do, the schools they attend and the challenges they face.
B-353: £6.00: Heinemann: 1994

Building Blocks for global learning

A practical handbook looking at issues, such as self-esteem, children's relationships with the wider world, gender and race equality and conflict resolution. Includes activities to develop communication and co-operation skills. Sixty pages.
H-97: £6.25: Global Education Derby: 1999