Primary Resources Catalogue 2004 - F

Families Pack

Families Pack

This takes a fresh look, from a child’s viewpoint, at what families are all about. It includes four children’s stories about their lives in different parts of the world, photo sheets, differentiated activities and a teachers’ book.
PA-255: £17.00: Save the Children: 2002 re-print

Family Album

Thirty-two photographs featuring a variety of families. They have been selected to stimulate discussion about family life and associated issues. An A-5-size thirty-two page booklet offers a range of activities to enable discussion and support work on stereotypes, family structures, roles, relationships and other citizenship issues.
PA-250: £11.50: Birmingham DEC: 2001

Farming local and global

This pack brings a global dimension to the ever-popular primary topic of farming, providing a framework to relate studies of a local farm to particular farms in Nicaragua and Poland. The pack shows pupils what life is like on farms across the globe, increases awareness of the relationship between farming and the natural environment and explores the differing roles of people and technology. Includes teachers' notes, photocopiable sheets, photocards and a wealth of ideas and classroom activities.
PA-110: £18.00: Scottish DEC: 1995

Fat, felts and sugar paper

A teachers' guide which provides a selection of creative ideas to enhance children's speaking and listening skills. The book raises global issues and encourages children to explore their own attitudes and values, express their views, empathise with others and justify their opinions.
H-57: £7.75: Birmingham DEC: 1998


Looks at thirteen different festivals from around the world. Contains songs, recipes, drama, poetry, art and craft related to each festival.
B-492: £15.25: Oxford University Press: 1990 update

Focus on Castries, St Lucia

Second edition of this popular photo-based activity pack which explores Castries in St. Lucia. Up-to-date photographs, maps and statistics have been added to the twenty-eight A4-size full colour photographs, which are supported by background information, photocopiable resources and activity ideas.
PA-177: £22.50: Worldaware and Geographical Association: 1997

Focus on Swallows

This follows the swallow from Northern Europe to Southern Africa as it flies down the meridian line. A range of issues is covered, including the threatened rainforest, desertification, tourism and sustainable lifestyles. Seventy-two page booklet, twelve A4-size photographs, A2-size poster.
PA-125: £12.25: WWF-UK: 1999

Focus on Rainforests - NEW

A pack containing 12 colour A4 photographs; a colour poster and teacher's guide aimed at helping children to appreciate the importance of rainforests - for their biodiversity, climate control, as a source of food and many other uses.
PA-267: £14.00: WWF -UK: 2003