Primary Resources Catalogue 2004 - I

In the eye of the storm - Bangladesh (big book)

A non-fiction big book for 7-11 year olds investigating family life on the cyclone-prone island of Kukri Mukri, Bangladesh. Contains photographs with a variety of text styles, teachers' information and activities.
B-121: £18.25: ActionAid: 1999

In the eye of the storm video

A lively 15-minute video that focuses on water, its uses and importance in the low-lying coastal area of Bangladesh. The text and images support and extend the literacy hour work of the books and CD-ROM in the ‘In the eye of the storm’ series’.
V-15: £16.00: ActionAid: 2002

In the eye of the storm: life on an island in Bangladesh

This is the pupil's version of the big book (B-121).
B-578: £6.25: ActionAid: 2001

In the eye of the storm: life on an island in Bangladesh (value pack)

Special price for six copies of the Pupil's individual reader (B-578).
B-579: £35.00: ActionAid: 2001

India (Worldfocus)

Describes the geography, politics, industry, religion and culture of India. Case studies show how people spend their time, the jobs they do, the schools they attend and the challenges they face.
B-384: £6.50: Heinnemann: 1994

India and her neighbours (poster)

A clear and simple physical map of the Indian sub-continent, showing the political boundaries and main cities. Photographs around the map illustrate the diversity of human activity in India. Accompanied by a Teaching Guide with information and ideas.
M-15: £8.50: PCET: 1997

The India File complete pack

Contains The India File Video (V-5), Teachers' Guide (H-59) and Activity Book (H-58).
PA-117: £28.00: Channel 4 Schools: 1997

The India File - activity book

A fully photocopiable book of cross-curricular student activity sheets relating to The India File programmes. Encourages visual awareness and the use of geographical vocabulary and mapping skills, whilst making topic links with English, art, history and design technology.
H-58: £7.75: Channel 4 Schools: 1997

The India File - Teachers Guide

Designed to support The India File video, this booklet contains background information, and suggestions for teachers using the programmes. Some photocopiable pupils' activity sheets are also included.
H-59: £4.50: Channel 4 Schools: 1997

The India File: video

Five 15-minute programmes provide glimpses of modern India and an insight into the country's rich cultural heritage and history. Themes include: life in Bombay, life in a village, arts and crafts, the struggle for freedom and celebrations. A Teacher's Guide and Activity Book are also available.
V-5: £15.50: Channel 4 Schools: 1997

Isatou, Chloe and you

Comparative study of the lives of three children: Isatou, who lives in the Gambia, Chloe who lives in Britain and the child using the pack. Includes 110 pages of background notes, twenty-four page colour photographs, activity ideas and an audio tape. A video is also available, see V-4.
PA-208: £28.50: Wiltshire World Studies Centre: 1997 re-print

Isatou, Chloe and You (video)

Forty-three minute video which supports the locality study of the same name. Video has no sound track, but notes provide a written commentary.
V-4: £12.50: Wiltshire World Studies Centre: