Primary Resources Catalogue 2004 - K

Kaptalamwa: a village in Kenya

Fully revised edition. Background details, 24 colour photographs and a comprehensive range of activity ideas based around a small village in the Cherangani Hills of Kenya.
PA-209: £27.00: Geographical Association: 1996

Kenya (Worldfocus)

Describes the geography, politics, industry, religion and culture of Kenya. Case studies show how people spend their time, the jobs they do, the schools they attend and the challenges they face.
B-409: £6.50: Heinemann: 1994

Key Stage 1 and Global Citizenship

Key Stage 1 and Global Citizenship

Building a foundation. This thirty-two page A4-size booklet shows the value in supporting citizenship education with young children. It shares work from schools and suggests some staff development activities.
B-563: £5.50: Birmingham DEC: 2001

Kingdom of Benin (poster)

Features different aspects of the Kingdom of Benin, both ancient and modern.
M-12: £9.50: PCET: 1995