Primary Resources Catalogue 2004 - L

Learning global lessons: 50 non-fiction literacy hours

Introduces a range of non-fiction text types and includes letters, maps graphics and twenty A4-size colour photographs from around the world.
PA-222: £24.00: ActionAid: 2000

The Landscape of St Lucia

A bright colourful book which looks at the climate, environment, settlements, natural resources, plants and animals of St Lucia. Illustrated through out with large photographs and maps, the book also contains case studies and statistics about the island. A new paperback edition at a favourable price.
B-137: £5.50: Hodder Wayland: 2001

The long, long journey

This A3-size book is guided reading text for 5-7 year olds. It introduces young children to the layout of storybooks, and will extend vocabulary, and develop understanding of grammar, punctuation and use of imagery. The story is supported by notes for teachers. Illustrated with watercolours, it follows two swallows as they fly first to South Africa in search of food and then to their breeding grounds in the UK. Thirty-four pages.
B-577: £14.75: WWF-UK: 2001

Lessons on Castries, St Lucia

Twenty lesson plans which make maximum use of the resources currently available on St Lucia. The lessons combine skills and themes with the study of a specific locality.
H-94: £7.50: Geographical Association: 1994

Living in St Lucia (picture pack)

Twelve A3-size colour images portraying aspects of life in St Lucia. The back of each card contains key questions, a glossary, descriptive text, and a range of pupil activities. Includes a picture-map of the island.
PA-179: £45.99: Worldaware and Cambridge University Press: 1996

Living in St Lucia (pupils' book)

Colour illustrated book which explores St Lucia through the eyes of the Harvey family. Family life, Castries, weather and climate, school, shopping, work, the environment and St Lucia's links with the wider world, all feature. The book is divided into sections, each of which is focused on a key question.
B-101: £6.50: Worldaware and Cambridge University Press: 1996

Living in St Lucia (teachers' book)

Resource book for teachers with background notes on St Lucia, a commentary on the pupils' book Living in St Lucia (B-101), and thirty photocopiable activity sheets.
B-103: £18.95: Worldaware and Cambridge University Press: 1997

Living in St Lucia (value pack)

Special offer - sixteen copies of pupils' book (B-101).
B-102: £82.50: Worldaware and Cambridge University Press: 1996


A board game with supporting activities and information, introducing issues relating to trade, debt and rights of the child. A1-sized folded poster, two booklets, twenty-two A4-size sheets, counters and dice. Designed especially for 9 to 90 year olds.
G-17: £18.50: HEC Tower Hamlets: 2000

Lessons in Sustainability - NEW

A teacher's handbook offering ideas for teaching about sustainable development issues to 5-11 year olds. The world summit and its issues, information and activities on: water and sanitation, health of our environment, agriculture and food, and climate change.
H-103: £8.50: Development Education Centre, Birmingham: 2003