Primary Resources Catalogue 2004 - O

One child one seed NEW ITEM

One child one seed NEW ITEM

This is a counting book featuring a young South African Girl who plants a seed and watches it grow. The text and the photos encourage children to count from one to ten and also introduces information about how things grow, daily life in a rural community, and an awareness of different places around the world.
B-354: £6.75: Oxfam: 2002

Our Friends in the Country

'A story in prose with non-fictional text' set in Wajir, Northern Kenya. A big book for the literacy hour, good for reading aloud or for new readers (4-7 year olds) to read for themselves. "...excellent pictures and materials which can be used geographically in many ways" Primary Geographer.
B-147: £18.25: Leeds DEC: 2000

Our place: the Harveys in St Lucia (video)

Twenty minute video featuring a day in the life of the Harvey family, their impressions of living in St Lucia and their opinion on how things might change as the island develops.
V-3: £13.50: Television Junction: 1996