Primary Resources Catalogue 2004 - S

Saying no to violence - children and peace

This casts a critical look at the way we teach children to accept violence as natural and inevitable. It suggests alternative strategies for bringing up children not only to act non-violently but to think non violently. Saying no to violence has a wealth of suggestions for parents and teachers of young children including curriculum-based lesson plans, for age 7 to 11. Sixty A4-size pages.
B-111: £11.50: Peace Pledge Union: 2000

The School council

Featuring children’s own words and artwork this provides a step-by-step guide to developing and maintaining a school council.
B-500: £6.00: Save the Children: 1999

Sowing and harvesting

A new edition of a simulation game and activities looking at food, farming and trade. Sixteen pages.
PA-119: £4.25: Oxfam: 1998

St Lucia - a satellite image (poster)

Full colour poster of St Lucia taken from 832 km above the earth. Shows settlements, vegetation and other geographical features.
M-8: £10.50: Worldaware: 1994

St Lucia briefing notes

This sixteen page handbook contains background information on the people, environment and traditions of St Lucia. Contents include: national symbol, a history of the first inhabitants, early settlements, the folklore of St Lucia and the variety of natural habitats on the island, such as rainforest, mangrove swamp and coral reef.
B-113: £5.50: Worldaware: 1997

Stand up for your rights

This book, written, illustrated and edited by young people from all over the world, looks at the issues of human rights in a refreshingly uncomplicated way. Young people's stories, poems, personal recollections, illustrations and photographs help to express their hopes and fears about human rights now, and in the future.
B-135: £10.00: Two Can: 1998

Start with a story - new edition

Supporting young children's exploration of issues. Stories are a valuable vehicle for developing the skills and dispositions which allow children to respond critically and imaginatively, as young citizens in a changing world. They make a significant contribution to building children's global awareness. Forty-four A4-size booklet.
B-564: £10.50: Birmingham DEC: 2002