Secondary Resources Catalogue 2004 - A

Air above, earth below

Active citizenship series CD-ROM covering sustainable development in Ethiopia and Guatemala.
PA-168: £15.00: ActionAid: 2002

Allons en Haïti activity pack

An activity pack enabling pupils aged 11-16 to find out about Haïti, the poorest French-speaking country in Latin America and the Caribbean. Pupils investigate the lives of people in the remote Far West, the hope young people have for the future and the changes local people are making to their environment, while learning and practising the French language.
PA-148: £17.75: ActionAid: 2000

Allons en Haïti audio disk

Listen to the people talking about their lives in Haïti. Use the interviews, activities, photographs and text to investigate this French-speaking developing country while practising French language skills. Will run on CD players, Windows and Mac computers with CD-ROM drives.
PA-243: £9.75: ActionAid: 2001

Allons en Haïti value pack

One copy of Allons en Haïti activity pack (PA-148) and one copy of Allons en Haïti audio disk (PA-243) at a special price.
PA-247: £22.50: ActionAid: 2001

Asia Pacific

Matching the main geographical themes of 11-13 courses and 14-16 exams, this book offers the opportunity to compare and contrast a range of countries at different stages of economic development. Case studies from China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia and South Korea all feature, with photographs, statistical information and student activities.
B-574: £9.75: Worldaware and Hodder & Stoughton: 1999

Auditing Citizenship key stage 3 & 4

Auditing Citizenship key stage 3 & 4

A citizenship and PSHE curriculum audit for key stages 3 and 4. This handbook ensures coverage of curriculum requirements including ESD, promoting racial equality and a global dimension.
H-81: £6.50: DEC South Yorkshire: 2002