Secondary Resources Catalogue 2004 - B

Bangladesh (Country Fact File)

A well-illustrated book with sections on population; food and farming; and trade and industry. Hardbound.
B-109: £11.00: Macdonald Young Books: 1999

Bangladesh (slide set)

Thirty-six slides portraying urban and rural life in Bangladesh. Includes a brief commentary for teachers and suggestions for classroom use.
S-76: £10.00: Worldaware: 1996

Brazil (Worldfocus)

Describes the geography, politics, industry, religion and culture of Brazil. Case studies show how people spend their time, the jobs they do, the schools they attend and the challenges they face.
B-353: £6.00: Heinemann: 1994

Balancing the books: development choices in Namibia

A group activity in which pupils take on the role of ministers in the new Namibian Government and try to decide upon the budgetary priorities for development when resources are limited. Helps to improve discussion, negotiation, problem-solving and decision-making skills.
PA-101: £3.50: Leeds DEC: 1993

Bananas unpeeled

Introduced by comedian/investigator Mark Thomas, this video looks at the conditions of banana plantation workers and farmers in Latin America and the Caribbean. It also examines fair trade as an alternative. Also see Twenty-six minute video with teachers’ notes. Age 13-plus.
V-9: £11.00: Banana Link: 2000

Bangladesh in brief (set of 20)

Four page introduction to contemporary Bangladesh, examining land, people, economy, trade and development. Includes photographs, statistics, maps and graphs.
L-212: £10.00: Worldaware: 1996

Bangladesh Mapcard (set of 15)

A4-size full colour map, illustrating the main physical and human features of Bangladesh. Basic country statistics, including economic and social data, is given on the reverse.
M-7: £5.00: Worldaware: 1996

Bangladesh, the strength to succeed

Explores the realities of daily life in Bangladesh. Focuses, among other things, on trade, aid, industry, health, politics and geography and some of the major issues affecting the poor.
B-497: £7.95: Oxfam: 1995

Be my guest

Explores some of the issues arising from the impact of tourism in Britain and around the world. Understanding some of the benefits gained and the damage inflicted is encouraged through discussion and the use of photocopiable activity sheets.
PA-197: £5.00: Tourism Concern: 2000

Brazil - Country studies

Matching syllabus requirements for 14-16 year olds this contains case studies and structured activities. See also South Africa and India in this series.
B-158: £8.50: Heinemann: 1998

Brazil (Country Fact File)

Detailed descriptions of Brazil, backed up by facts, figures, diagrams, photographs, maps and graphs. Themes include: natural resources, industrial growth, environmental concerns, the economy, trade and business developments.
B-346: £11.25: Macdonald Young Books: 1997

Brazil (Country Profiles)

Intended for a general audience, this series provides useful and interesting background reading for teachers including the country in a scheme of work, or as a library item for 14-18 year olds. Eighty-eight pages, monochrome.
B-155: £6.75: Oxfam: 2000

Brazil: advanced case studies

Provides topical, up-to-date and relevant case study material on key human, physical and environmental themes. Subject areas covered include population and urbanisation, resources management, environmental issues, leisure and tourism and trade. The depth of coverage and integrated questions are each suitable for 16-19 year olds.
B-143: £13.50: Hodder and Stoughton: 1998

Brazil: Rondonia's cattle frontiers and the destruction of the rainforest

In parts of Central and Southern America, governments have encouraged the conversion of tropical forests to livestock ranches. Many of these schemes have proved ecologically and economically unsound. This pack, including photocopiable activity sheets, photographs and supporting material, explores the issues.
B-539: £11.50: WWF-UK: 1987

Building new citizenship - learning from change in Derry/Londonderry

This pack forms a substantial case study supporting citizenship education for 11-13 year olds. It relates themes of identity, participation and democracy to students' own experiences. Fifty-six page A-4 size booklet plus twenty -six photographs, maps collection of coats of arms, flag sheets and a set of postcard images.
PA-251: £24.50: Birmingham DEC: 2001