Secondary Resources Catalogue 2004 - D

Dealing with Disasters

This includes information on earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and famine. It has case study material, focusing particularly on flooding in Bangladesh and many activities to engage students with the issues. Eighty-eight pages, A4-size.
B-118: £13.00: Oxfam: 2000

Destinations in focus

Designed for use with 16-19 students, this photocopiable resource provides extended case studies of five different tourist destinations, including Barbados, Goa and Amboseli. It encourages an appreciation of the complex issues of tourism, fosters a questioning approach to statistical and advertising material and sets the tourism industry within the wider context of sustainable development.
PA-139: £10.00: Tourism Concern: 1997

Developing Geography: Ghana

Complete set of the Developing Geography: Ghana materials. Two pupil's books, a teacher's handbook and a colour photoset explore Ghana and the theme of development, with particular attention to ecosystems, population, economic activity and environment issues. Background information, case studies and activity ideas are included. Can be bought as a set or individually.
PA-219: £24.50: Birmingham DEC: 1993

Developing Namibia: case-studies

Photocopiable pack, with activity sheets and maps, focusing on the geography, economy and development of Namibia. Case studies examine mining, agriculture, water, fishing, tourism and small-scale development. Includes forty-eight A4-size colour photographs (eight photographs duplicated six times for ease of use).
PA-104: £10.00: Worldaware: 1995

The developing world

A collection of geographical case studies which examine current issues in the developing world. Looks at housing and city planning, factory working and pollution, and trade and aid. 'Country Spotlights' on Brazil, Namibia and India contain up-to-date information and are supported by subsidiary focus countries.
B-115: £9.25: Worldaware and Hodder & Stoughton: 1997

The developing world (value pack)

Special offer - fifteen copies of The Developing World (B-115).
B-116: £99.99: Worldaware and Hodder & Stoughton: 1997

Development compass rose

Book and sixteen photographs which explore the relationship between development and environment issues and how they affect people in different parts of the world. Useful notes and ideas for curriculum planning.
PA-220: £10.50: Birmingham DEC: 1995

Distribution of people and resources

Looks at levels of consumption; food; health and population.
B-450: £9.75: Development Education Project, Manchester: 1996

Duncan Brothers (Bangladesh) Limited

A portrait of a tea company. Looks at this long established tea producer and explains how and why Duncan Brothers have diversified into rubber production, water bottling, insurance and leasing. A useful case-study showing development in action. Includes a pack of fifteen mapcards.
PA-105: £10.00: Worldaware: 1999