Secondary Resources Catalogue 2004 - F

Family Album

Thirty-two photographs featuring a variety of families. They have been selected to stimulate discussion about family life and associated issues. An A-5-size thirty-two page booklet offers a range of activities to enable discussion and support work on stereotypes, family structures, roles, relationships and other citizenship issues.
PA-250: £11.50: Birmingham DEC: 2001

Fala Favela

Twenty-four A5-size colour photographs and an activity pack portraying aspects of life in a shantytown in Brazil.
PA-175: £11.00: Trocaire: 1999

Food Supply - 21st Century Debates

Food Supply - 21st Century Debates

This examines the trends and issues behind food supply inequalities and considers possible solutions. Sixty-four page hardback.
B-416: £13.00: Hodder Wayland: 2002