Secondary Resources Catalogue 2004 - I

India (Worldfocus)

Describes the geography, politics, industry, religion and culture of India. Case studies show how people spend their time, the jobs they do, the schools they attend and the challenges they face.
B-384: £6.50: Heinnemann: 1994

India and her neighbours (poster)

A clear and simple physical map of the Indian sub-continent, showing the political boundaries and main cities. Photographs around the map illustrate the diversity of human activity in India. Accompanied by a Teaching Guide with information and ideas.
M-15: £8.50: PCET: 1997

Images of Change: China

This CD-ROM has over 380 photographs, each with a title, location map and extended caption grouped into sixteen topics. The text has been differentiated for GCSE and A level and it is also possible to extract text from files on the CD-ROM. However, the real strength is the extent of the photos which can also be exported to print or disk for incorporation into students’ own analysis of change in China. It is not intended to be sufficient in itself but provides an excellent supplementary resource to David Waugh’s China books and the Channel 4 Schools series ‘Changing China’
PA-102: £50.00: Geopix: 2000

In search of Eldorado

Background information and activities which examine some of the major social and economic issues in Brazil today, including: problems caused by the concentration of land ownership in the hands of a few, the growing level of rural-urban migration, urbanisation and environmental destruction.
B-114: £8.50: Trocaire: 1996

In the Eye of the Storm: cyclones in the Bay of Bengal

An audio disk for CD-players and computers, and a CD-ROM of digital images, video, text and diagrams. The disk provides a study of the effects of cyclones on a disaster-prone island off the coast of Bangladesh. CD-ROM (Windows and MacOS).
PA-136: £17.25: ActionAid: 1999

India - Country studies

Including up-to-date statistics and structured activities, this book provides a comprehensive study of India for 14-16 year old students. Themes covered include: population change and urbanization, rural development, development and economic growth, regional and national development. See also Brazil and South Africa in this series.
B-144: £7.50: Heinemann: 1998

India in brief (set of 20)

Four page introduction to contemporary India, examining land, people, economy, trade and development. Includes photographs, statistics, maps and graphs.
L-211: £10.00: Worldaware: 1997

India mapcard (set of 15)

A4-size full colour map, illustrating the main physical and human features of India. Basic country statistics, including economic, social and demographic data, is provided on the reverse. Laminated for classroom use.
M-13: £5.00: Worldaware: 1997

India: paths to development

Interesting, readable account of the economic, social, political and environmental scene in India today. Describes some of the ways in which ordinary people are beginning to play a part in shaping their own futures.
B-524: £6.50: Oxfam: 1993

Introducing The Gambia

Twenty-five page booklet giving background information about the environment, people and economy of The Gambia.
B-156: £7.50: Wiltshire World Studied Centre: 1999

Issues and enquiry

Teacher's book, photocopiable pupil material and twenty-four (A5-size) photos. Discusses strategies for teaching about a nation, focusing on five major issues and including student enquiry sheets.
PA-218: £13.50: Birmingham DEC: 1993

It's not fair

Role plays, simulations, quizzes and games designed to help students explore issues of global injustice and third world development.
H-93: £6.75: CAFOD: 1993