Secondary Resources Catalogue 2004 - K

Kenya (Worldfocus)

Describes the geography, politics, industry, religion and culture of Kenya. Case studies show how people spend their time, the jobs they do, the schools they attend and the challenges they face.
B-409: £6.50: Heinemann: 1994

Kenya - Country studies

Matching syllabus requirements for 14-16 year olds this contains case studies and structured activities. See also Brazil, South Africa and India in this series.
B-159: £8.50: Heinemann: 2000

Kenya mapcard (set of 15)

A4-size full colour map, illustrating the main physical and human features of Kenya. Basic country statistics, including economic and social data is given on the reverse.
M-11: £5.00: Worldaware: 1997

Kenya: a geography resource pack

Teachers' guide and student resource pack with thirty-eight photocopiable sheets and extensive ideas for student activities. The material is divided into three sections: an introduction to Kenya; population issues; trade, aid and debt.
PA-211: £5.00: Worldaware and World Vision: 1995

Kumasi and beyond

Full colour pupil's book with forty-three photographs, eighteen maps and other diagrams. The city of Kumasi is used as a basis for exploring urban and regional development. Case studies are put into city, region, nation and world context.
PA-216: £5.50: Birmingham DEC: 1993