Secondary Resources Catalogue 2004 - M

Making a meal of it!

This photopack looks at food and development issues. It contains a variety of activities which examine issues such as how our food links us to the rest of the world, and why people in other parts of the world who grow food often go hungry themselves. There is a case study on cocoa and many other activities. Forty-four page booklet, Eighteen A4-size photographs.
PA-128: £13.95: Oxfam: 1998

Making Peace

This eighty-page handbook supports teaching about 'resolving conflict fairly' to 11-16 year olds. It includes testimonies from young people in Mozambique and El Salvador, and photocopiable resource pages.
H-54: £12.50: Oxfam: 1997

Managing Change in Rural Environments

Tourism case studies in Pembrokeshire and Zanzibar This resource pack provides lively and up-to-date information about the pressures of growth in tourism on local communities in Zanzibar and Pembrokeshire. Structured for 16-19 examinations, it is also useful for 14-16 tourism and leisure courses.
PA-249: £11.00: Global Connections: 2001

Mapping our World

This book includes fourteen world maps, showing the world from different, often unusual viewpoints, information on different world map projections and activities for small groups. New Edition.
B-154: £11.50: Oxfam: 2000

Maurice: Ile Francophone

A French language teaching resource which enables pupils aged 11-16 to find out about Mauritius, a multi-cultural French-speaking island off the east African coast. Texts and activities are at three levels: tourism, daily life, texts by Mauritian pupils, photos, board game, newspaper articles.
PA-153: £17.50: MUNDI: 1995

Mexico (Country Insights) - NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Looks at how people all over Mexico lead their daily lives, at home, work, school and play. Then takes a closer look at the city of Puebla and the fishing village of CelestĂșn, using relevant statistics and quotations from local residents.
B-138: £0.00: Wayland: 1997