Secondary Resources Catalogue 2004 - N

Namaste India

Complete set of introductory materials to India including twenty India in Brief Sheets, fifteen India Mapcards and one copy of Countryfile India. Packed in a PVC container.
PA-214: £15.00: Worldaware: 1995

Namibia mapcard (set of 15)

A4-size full colour map, illustrating the main physical and human features of Namibia. Basic country statistics, including economic and social data, is given on the reverse.
M-4: £5.00: Worldaware: 1996

Namibia: gestern, heute und morgen

A German language teaching resource for 14-16 year olds. It provides texts at three ability levels, activities focusing on daily life, teenage interests, tourism and the environment, fifteen photographs of Namibia, listening tape and music, glossary and web links in German and English relating to Nambia.
PA-150: £21.00: MUNDI: 2000