Secondary Resources Catalogue 2004 - P

Passport to change (Value pack)

Passport to change (Value pack)

Themes of trading system, world debt and eco-tourism with a focus on Ecuador. Value pack ten copies
B-356: £30.00: Craven DEC: 2002

Passport to Change

Themes of trading system, world debt and eco-tourism with a focus on Ecuador.
B-355: £4.00: Craven DEC: 2002

Pictures of health in a changing world

Teachers' booklet, with activity ideas and sixteen A5-size colour photographs, exploring issues of health around the world. Reduced price.
PA-164: £4.50: Worldaware: 1991

Planning to teach about development issues: ideas from the Kumasi geography teachers' workshop.

Guidance on how to use the Birmingham DEC resources Developing Geography: Ghana. Includes fourteen different ideas for classroom activities. Also see "Developing Geography: Ghana" PA-219.
B-569: £7.50: Birmingham DEC: 1995

Population data sheet 2002

Population statistics on 145 countries, including life expectancy, GNP, population pyramids etc.
L-41: £10.00: Population Concern: 2001

Population: a comprehensive study

16-19 age group study pack which examines a range of population-related topics. Includes photocopiable resource sheets, case-studies, worksheets and ideas for student activities.
PA-173: £19.50: Population Concern: 1994

President for the Day

President for the Day

This CD-ROM provides the scenario of a fictitious African country for a structured debate for 16-19 year olds on options for economic development. On-screen advisers outline three alternatives and, when a choice is made, the consequences are explained and further questions posed. Produced in association with Tearfund and the Jubilee 2000 Coalition, it is skilfully crafted with emphasis on a development path through international debt, corruption and political unrest etc. With no simple solutions, it will definitely stimulate off-computer discussion. 10 User Network License
PA-166: £62.25: Damaris: 2000

Production and its effects

From a library series called '21st Century Debates-Our impact on the planet', looks at this fragile ecosytem and its destruction. See others in the series Waste, recycling and reuse, Energy and Climate change. Sixty-four page hardback.
B-451: £9.75: Development Education Project, Manchester: 1996