Secondary Resources Catalogue 2004 - T

Towards Ubuntu - NEW

A valuable resource for teaching 11-14 year olds which explores themes related to education for democratic citizenship, using South Africa as a case study.
H-105: £12.50: Development Education Centre, Birmingham: 2003

Technology, who needs it?

Introduction to technology and appropriate technology, with teachers' notes and photocopiable pupil activity sheets.
PA-57: £6.00: Scottish DEC: 1994

Teaching international citizenship

Where do our rights come from? Citizens’ rights and the European Union. The International Dimension of Citizenship. A substantial photocopiable resource for 16-plus research and debate
PA-158: £30.00: Federal Trust: 2001

Thinking about disasters

Why are the poorest members of a community also the most vulnerable to disasters? How can relief work and long-term development alleviate some of the effects of disasters? Teachers' notes and students' worksheets support this twenty-seven minute video for 14-16 year olds.
PA-157: £16.50: Christian Aid: 2000

Third World Atlas

Historical and contemporary view of the developing world. The atlas asks three main questions: What is the Third World? How was it made? What changes are taking place? Issues of industrialisation, environmental degradation, famine, migration and gender all feature.
B-567: £17.50: Oxford University Press: 1997

This city life - homelessness and street children

A sixty-page resource pack with information case studies and a video of interviews with children and young people talking about their experiences of homelessness and street life in Delhi, Nairobi and Leeds. Includes floppy disk, photos and A3-size map of Nairobi.
PA-143: £24.75: Leeds DEC: 1999

Trade rules!

An inspiring simulation game that brings trade issues to life. For ages 16-plus.
B-386: £5.25: Christian Aid: 2002

Travel map of Namibia

Large (600 x 690 mm) colour map of Namibia at 1:2 million scale, illustrated with photographs, climate data and town plans as well as a large-scale map of Etosha National Park.
M-10: £5.50: New Holland: 2001

The Trading Game

A popular game enabling pupils to learn the basic principles of international trade. This stimulation game is a simple demonstration of how the gap between rich and poor is maintained and widened by trade systems.
G-10: £4.00: Christian Aid: 2003