Secondary Resources Catalogue 2004 - W

We are what we eat

Focuses on the food we eat, where it comes from, what food we buy and why we buy it. The focus moves from a personal look at food to a wider global view. Teachers' notes, photocopiable activity sheets and ideas for discussion support the book.
B-433: £6.75: UNICEF: 1992

Wall to wall design

A sustainable housing pack for 11-13 year olds' design and technology looking at cultural and environmental issues. Forty-eight loose-leaf pages in binder, two A2-size posters.
PA-161: £13.50: ITDG Publishing: 2001

Waste, recycling and reuse

From a library series called '21st Century Debates-Our impact on the planet', looks at global consumption and waste management. See others in the series Energy, Rainforests and Climate change. Sixty-four page paperback.
B-413: £9.00: Hodder Wayland: 2001

Welcome to my village

Meet the people of a Guatemalan village in a vivid A-Z leaflet designed for literacy and citizenship teaching. In their own words, this Mayan community tell how they have rebuilt their lives after civil war. Photographs and an illustrated map bring this to life. Contains a ‘giant’ leaflet divided into panels and a class set of normal-sized leaflets.
PA-240: £19.75: ActionAid: 2001

Who decides?

An innovative global citizenship resource, focusing on conflict and peace-building in Burundi and HIV/AIDS in Uganda. The activities encourage students to explore issues in their own lives and make links with the experiences of young people around the world. Includes photographs and background information on the issues and countries concerned.
PA-261: £19.00: ActionAid: 2001

Whose right to water? (Value pack)

A special price for purchase of fifteen copies of this new booklet.
B-204: £30.00: Worldaware: 2002

Whose right to water?

This booklet helps to examine the global water issues including rights to water and health concerns related to water. Current issues of water management and sustainable development are explored with connections made between local and global perspectives. Sixteen A4-size pages.
B-203: £3.00: Worldaware: 2002

World 2000 Resource Pack

Supporting the video series produced by the BBC, this includes six sets of thirteen laminated photographs, maps and data for all new locations: Peru, Ecuador, Ghana, Tanzania and Bulgaria. Includes teachers' notes.
PA-144: £17.00: BBC Education and International Broadcasting Trust: 2000

Whose Citizenship?...a teacher's toolkit - NEW

This 48 page handbook offers practical ideas and starting points for enabling a global approach to 'local' citizenship investigations by 11-13 year olds. The ideas and activities have been developed by teachers.
H-104: £9.50: Birmingham DEC: Nov. 2002